Facebook post 15 April

As Per jour facebook page
Hello parents and whānau who have students in the Junior School area (Rooms 6, 5, 4, and 3).
We hope you and your tamariki are all well and enjoying being together as a family at home during these new and testing times. 
We are currently waiting for the Ministry of Education to get your child/children’s packs posted. Once they have done so, we will ring you all and help support you and your tamariki with this work. 
In the meantime here are some ideas you can be doing with your children at home:
This post will also be added to our class blogs for you to refer to:
Phonics/Writing: High frequency words: Play memory, flash cards (see the photo attached to the post of the word lists).  Writing with chalk or water on the pavement. Writing a letter/card to a neighbour or friend. Write a story …

Week 5 Lava Lamp

What happens when you mix food colouring, oil, water and a fizzy tablet????

We made our own Lava lamps.   We then looked on line to see how real lava lamps are made.  They are made using coloured water, wax, and a spring coil which heats the wax.

Week 4 Rubbery Eggs

We put an egg into a cup of Vinegar to see what would happen to the egg.
Please ask your child what happened and ask why.
Mrs Mackenzie is super impressed as we know the answers to these questions.

Week 3 Milk Art

Week 3 Milk Art This week we found out what happens to milk and food colouring when you add dishwash liquid to it. We really liked this experiment and there was lots of ooh's and aah's while we were watching it.

We tried two methods and both changed the shape of the food colouring. Please ask us what we did and why it happened, as we found this out as well.

Week 2 Walking Water

Science Experiment Number 1
This week we did an experiment about walking water.  Here are some photos of what we did and what happened.  Please ask your child about what we saw and get them to explain to you what happened.  

Physical Education with Laura

Every two weeks we have Physical Education lessons  (PE) with Laura.  We have a 30 minute lesson and share the time with Room 6.  Here are some photos of us at todays session.

What we want to be when we grow up

What we want to be....One of our displays is what we would like to be when we grow up.  This is so cute and I look forward to seeing what they are actually doing in 15 years time.